Saturday, January 2, 2010

Its 2o1o

Happy New Year! Wow another year came and went. We had an amazing Christmas. Spent lots of time with family, ate way to much, and got to see the excitement on our kids faces. I love that they are getting to that age when its fun. Kiah wrote santa a letter this year, set out milk and cookie which I failed to get pic of bc my camera was going down hill and fast.

We had a great santa and after everything was opened and those presents that we begged for had been played with we went to moms and the kids found what Santa had left there. A low and behold Santa had left me a new camera YAY! Thank you Santa! The only thing that was missing was Ya Ya, Poppy and uncle crash. I hate not having them close :(
We rang in the new year with a group of some of our closest friends. Had a blast and want to thank everyone for coming and making our new year FANTASTIC! Thanks for all the yummy food and fireworks! One of the funnest nights ever. Hope everyone had a great holiday!

Christmas at the Diffees

Christmas at the Coxs

Christmas at the Grandparents

Cyber Christmas with Ya Ya ,Poppy and Uncle Crash

Christmas night with Tiffany

All he wanted from Santa was a new gun. He was really excited to find it Christmas morning

Addies favorite gift from Santa
Our new years eve fire starters
Kiah ready to ring in 2010

Princess Adelhei in her party dress

Had a great time with my girls


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Its whats for breakfast

Well today is my last day of non Christmas activities. We started off today with a very funny between Kiah and myself. I was preparing breakfast when he entered the kitchen. "Mom I Will l only be eating moose,lion,and bear today" "But Kiah what about chicken and piggy and cow?" "MOM I don't like chicken,piggy or cow anymore, I'm ONLY eating moose,lion and bear." "Well Kiah that's going to be hard bc we don't have moose or lion in Arkansas except for in zoo's and you will go to jail if you try to hurt those animals" "Well what about bears, do they live in Arkansas?" "Well we do but your really little and bears are really big and the only way you will kill a bear as a little guy like yourself is if he chokes on you" He stared at me for a min with his forehead wrinkled and then tapped his head in his thinking gesture then responds with "
Ok mom Ill just eat cereal until I'm big enough to kill a bear" I lost it,where in the world does this stuff come from. I could not have started my day any better.

Today I plan on it being a relaxing day. We will be attending a 1st birthday party for a friends little girl and then we will be spending the rest of the day with the Cox's at their house. Then we get up early in the AM and take off to South Arkansas for Christmas at my Grandparents house YAY!! I just really wanted to get the conversation between Kiah and I on blog form so one day I can pull it up and show him how crazy he is lol. Merry Christmas Guys

Monday, December 14, 2009

A date with the cutest guy in town

In the past week I have taken time to have mommy and me time. I took Adelhei on her first shopping trip as just her and mommy. We made a whole day out if it. It was really fun to see her get excited over things she never really cared about. She of course LOVED the shoes dept and hallmark lol. I just can't wait for those days when we can just go get hair and nails done together. It kills me to see how big she is getting ,but I'm also extremely excited about it as well. I just hope by the time prom rolls around she and I are NOTHING like my mother and I were. That was horrible lol. Mom only went to the discount racks and her taste and mine were NOTHING alike. But we served with no injuries.But time will only tell for me and miss Addie Lou.
After I had spent my day with Addie it was time for Kiahs mommy and me time. So yesterday after the whole family spent the day out and about together we took daddy and sister home and got ready for what Kiah calls his mommy date. I wouldn't tell him where we were going. We loaded up, stopped at the store for a special treat (a sprite) lol and headed to Iron Mountain. I still wouldn't tell him what we were doing. We entered the building and begin walking to where my big surprise was. We walked through a wonderland type tunnel with Christmas lights above our heads and he was getting really excited. "Mommy what is this" We turned the corner to be greeted by two big real life nutcrackers and his jaw dropped lol. They escorted us to our seats and I could see the excitement in his eyes. He watched everything around him. The stage,the people everything. Then another surprise, Sydnii,Robert,Petey,and Angel were there. They announce it is starting and he climbs in my lap for a better view. The building goes dark and I feel him tense a little and he leans back and says "Mom its really dark,I cant see anything" I tell him just hang on and then the lights come back on and the opening scene from Imagine Christmas the Crossing Christmas Play begin. He sat so still watching and taking it all in. Well then a few scenes later they had a stomp routine with drummers beating on metal pans and big metal barrels and while they played there was a snowball fight. This kid didn't move except to bob his head to dance or to stretch to see better. Towards the end he got a little restless because the play had slowed down and reached its serious part. Afterwards the whole cast lined the tunnel and he went through telling EVERY cast member Merry Christmas Guys!!! We got outside and he yells "MOM THAT WAS AWESOME, THE BEST DATE EVER" I asked him well Kiah what was your favorite part and he says "Oh the drums for sure, they were so cool and they were throwing things at each other lol. He talked the whole way home about it and ran inside so excited to tell daddy. He brought Josh a program as a gift and sat in his lap and told him everything about our night.
I just wish my kids would always be so excited about spending time with mom, but I know that just as soon as those hormones kick in I can kiss it all goodbye. Oh well I will enjoy it while it last

Monday, December 7, 2009

Goodbye 2009

It is so hard to believe that another year has come and almost went. The years seem to fly by now. I can remember how it seemed to take FOREVER to turn 16, then 18,then 21. After 21 something happened. Time begin to race faster and faster. I could drive now smoke legally buy my own alcohol, what more was there to do or so I thought. Then at that tender age of 23 I became a mom and that is when it really begin racing out of control. Kiah turned 1 after what seemed like weeks after his birth then BAM baby number 2 WHAT! The years are going faster than I can snap pictures lol. 2009 was filled with all sorts to talk about.

We begin the year in California with my wonderful in laws ( not a bad to start the year I must say), Kiah had his first surgery (tubes),there were countless doctor appointments, I began and quit an intense workout lol,friends had babies,town was hit by the worst tornado I have ever seen, Kiah played t-ball,I spent way to much money on a vacuum(Ill pay it off next year!) We got to see both brothers ride at the same rodeo which is pretty rare these days,I turned 26, Tuffed it out through another summer softball league, A few special people were called home, Attended Josh's high school reunion which was interesting but came out of it with a few new friends, Had my very first yard sale,Kiah turned 3, Addie turned one and together we had a fantastic pool party.I received really unnerving news about my boobies,We took Kiah to Magic springs for the 1st time,Kiah started pre school, My brother Cody got married, Josh turned 29, Josh switched doctors which was a very good move, I moved to south Arkansas for a while to care for my grandmother,We were given an amazing gift from the little rock zoo,Survived my first Rochfest LOL, Did a little trick or treating,Had a great Ladies wine tasting. My brother Jermiah got married, I threw a few birthday parties for friends, Got addicted to twilight, suffered though Thanksgiving with a sick baby,Took the kids to the Christmas parade, Attended a baby shower.Watched LOTS of football, WOW that's just a few things.

When I took back on my year like this,it makes me slow down and take it all in. I don't want to look up one day and be 70 years old and not remember what I had done with my life. Who did I meet, who did I lose,what came and went, What did I learn. I try to live one day at a time and cram as much into that one day as I most possibly can. And when its all said and done. I hope that Ill be able to say I DID IT ALL! Here's to one year down and many more to come. Merry Christmas bloggers and Happy New Year!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Holidays are here

Is it really that time of year again? Thanksgiving is just a few days away and I find my self so excited. All of my life my grandmother has always done the cooking,up until the past few years when we all pitched in because it was just to much on her. And in the past 4 years I have been making dishes and taking them down. When I was single and had my head so far up my butt I couldn't breath I never even thought of cooking. I was good to get to dinner on time. But after I got married and had a family of my own that all changed. For once I took pride in cooking and sharing with the rest of my family. Once year was some Oreo dessert that I totally botched from the normal recipe and couldn't make it that way again if I tried. That's one one my cousin Barrett still ask me to make, another year it was my mother in laws recipe for hash brown casserole, Then there was baked sweet potatoes ( I couldn't tell you if they were good, I don't eat them).

This year as I sat down to rack my brain on just what would I make this year there was only only thing sticking out in my mind PECAN PIE. Mamaw used to have every pie you could think of at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm talking no store bought anything. Good old fashion southern cooking the right way. But with her arthritis and just being 80 there is no way she could spend days preparing these things. She does however still make her chocolate pies. She is the South Arkansas Queen of the chocolate pie. And she says she doesn't want to hear my dad complaining there is no chocolate pie, she would lay on the floor to make that pie just to avoid his disappointment lol. So with all of her energy going into her dressing that NO ONE can make like her and her chocolate pie that leaves out my all time favorite. The one item that tells my body and soul that its the holidays and that's pecan pie.

So I told my self ok that's this years project. I have thought of going all out making the crust from scratch and all lol BUUUUT I am known for chucking food across the house that makes me mad and Josh is the one that has to clean it up while I'm in the corner crying lol. So Ill just buy the crust so we know it edible. I will also be preparing my cheese and garlic mashed potatoes with roasted garlic! Sounds like it should be pretty easy and hassle free. The hard part is getting packed and loaded and down there. I cant wait!! And as soon as its over that means I CAN PUT ALL MY CHRISTMAS STUFF UP YAY!!!!!

This year on turkey day also marks my south Polk county sistas' birthday. Happy Birthday Ashley We love you and Im sorry we will be out of town on your day! I hope every one has a spectacular day filled with lots of memories!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving

Friday, November 20, 2009

The boys in blue

So I guess I'm on a blogger bloggy roll this week. But now that my heart rate is back down I would like to share a little bit with you what it is like to grow up in a law enforcement family. When I was a kid we never really thought anything about dad going to work. He was a state trooper no big deal. He had a cool car, a scary gun that by NO means were we to get anywhere near, and some of the coolest buddies known to man kind. There was never once a thought of this could be the last time I see my daddy. Also back in those days there wasn't all these shows about wild police chases and stuff like that, so we had no clue. I wasn't until 1997 when our family was so lucky to be honered with a stalker.

This was the first time in my life that it hit me that wow my dad has a dangerous job. After MANY months of this guys shenanigans he was busted down from our home setting in his truck with a gun. Then the big state law kicked in about dark tint on your windows due to cops being shot on the hwy. By now I'm in my teens and I catching on to alot more of why mom doesn't sleep well when dads working.

A year later we moved to Polk County. Dad was finally off the roads and was the states newest criminal investigator specializing in sex crimes against children. To me this meant no more late night worrying if dad was coming home. Although he has the most god awful job in the world, and sees more in 8 hours of one day than I want to ever see in a lifetime I thought maybe this job was much safer for my father who is now in his 50's.

This all came to a halt last night after getting a phone call from my mom. I knew dad was in Hot Springs working a homicide mainly bc I had just gotten off the phone from him less than an hour before moms' phone call. I answer the phone and she says "If you watch the news dads ok" WHAT! Well when trying to capture a suspect they opened fire. Shooting 2 Garland County Deputies. Even though I had already heard the words your dad is ok I still panic. Where was he, where was the shooter, is he ok lol. So its only like 7:30 and the news doesn't air till 9 YOU MEAN I HAVE TO WAIT. I am on ever site trying to find a pic where maybe I can see my dad holding up a sign reading"JODI GO TO BED I'M OK" Well now we all know that didn't happen right.

After a few hours I finally get that phone call and heard his voice and was somewhat at ease with that. It wasn't until this morning when mom said he made it home somewhere between 3-6 am that I was ok. When we moved here I really thought we wouldn't have these nights anymore. But then thought about all the other man hunts, robberies, murders, this that yada he has worked in the past 10 years and I told my self he wont ever be SAFE until these last 3 years are finally over with. THEN we will only have my baby brother working one of the most infamous drug running interstates in the U.S. Ah that's what only the next 3o something years of my life lol.

To my sister in law. Just know that you are not alone. I guess it just comes with the territory. Welcome to a law enforcement family! I am so proud of both my father and little brother for being so brave and putting their life on the line everyday to serve and protect us

Thursday, November 19, 2009

THANK YOU PING.COM for making a ladies life easy!